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The vital necessities of the guerrillas are to maintain their arms in good condition, to capture ammunition, and, above everything else, to have adequate shoes. Che Guevara

→ 04/29/2013

[T]he guerrilla fighter, as a person conscious of a role in the vanguard of the people, must have a moral conduct that shows him to be a true priest of the reform to which he aspires. Che Guevara

→ 03/23/2013

There is no [yardwork] guerrilla worthy of the name who ignores the revolutionary method of action and fails to practice it rigorously in the planning and execution of his activity. Carlos Marighella, re-interpreted

→ 03/01/2013

The guerrilla does not consistently operate in one area but varies his operations so that no pattern is evident. If possible, he strikes two to three targets simultaneously to divide the enemy pursuit and reinforcement effort. U.S. Department of the Army

→ 02/19/2013

Without a political goal, guerrilla warfare must fail. The essence of guerrilla warfare is revolutionary in character. Mao Tse-Tung

→ 02/05/2013