What is guerrilla yardwork?

Guerrilla yardwork is an irregular, asymmetrical form of yardwork that a home and yard owner performs on his property in conflict against Bad Nature, a large, unwieldy opponent of superior strength. Based on small, repetitive attacks launched at unpredictable times and locations around the yard, guerrilla yardwork utilizes the element of surprise to put a long-lasting, intensive strain on Bad Nature’s resources in order to wear down Her resolve, hinder Her operations, and promote Good Nature in Her stead. Offensive, highly mobile, and fluid in character, guerrilla yardwork is marked by swift action of short duration, followed by rapid withdrawal. It employs multiple attacks over a wide area to deceive the enemy and force Her to disperse Her forces.

Guerrilla yardwork applies methods that circumvent or nullify Bad Nature’s strengths while exploiting Her weaknesses and co-opting elements of Her forces to meet the insurgent’s objectives. A means to an end, guerrilla yardwork aims not to resist Nature as a whole, but to seize power over the yard from Bad Nature and establish control there. Guerrilla yardwork transforms the appearance and function of the yard according to its owner’s vision, and, in turn, reflects his personal views, beliefs, values, and attitudes.

Who is a yardwork guerrilla?

Anyone can be a G.Y., including you. Certain kinds of individuals are better suited for guerrilla yardwork than others.

Where can I buy the book?

Buy Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook now on Amazon.

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