Objective Conditions for Guerrilla Yardwork

Gnome and yard ownership is a necessary condition for the emergence of every yardwork guerrilla.
Photo by W.D. Vanlue

Certain conditions must be met for the yardvolution to succeed. Objective conditions refer to various situational circumstances.

Yard Ownership

Only in the yard that the yardwork guerrilla owns can she achieve true supremacy. Home and yard ownership is a necessary condition for the emergence of every yardwork guerrilla. Human nature focuses a property owner’s energy on quality maintenance and improvement of the property better than renting or receiving payment for landscaping. Ownership triggers a unique desire to improve the owned property in order to increase both its enjoyment and market value.

Ownership of the yard must be maintained. Monthly payments on a mortgage loan, the most common way to finance the real estate property that includes the yard, assure the continued possession of the yard. It is also advisable to remain married or linked in a civil union or other form of long-term relationship with the property’s co-owner or co-habitant. A suitable physical and mental condition and a hard-drug free lifestyle are additional prerequisites.

The yard the G.Y. aims to transform must be attached to her primary residence. Dwelling in the primary residence allows for intimate knowledge of the zone, including its ground, enemy, and surrounding areas and their population.

Enemy Presence and Activity

Guerrilla yardwork requires that Nature be present in the yard. Yards that are paved or covered with stepping stones, bricks, or gravel cannot accommodate guerrilla yardwork. In such cases, the dedicated guerrilla yardworker de-paves the yard and replaces artificial materials with Good Nature.

* Excerpted from the book. Buy Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook now on Amazon.