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Guerrilla Yards in Portland, Oregon I

A short reconnaissance expedition walk through the Sellwood-Westmoreland of Portland, Oregon, unearthed a few prime examples of yards in various stages of …

Supply procurement will be organized in the form of a chain of merchandise in such a way that the more common articles are procured in nearby places, and the things that are really scarce or impossible to procure locally, in larger centers. As the guerrilla struggle develops, it will be necessary to arrange supply from outside the limits or territory of the combat. Che Guevara

→ 03/09/2013

Three Kinds of Yardvolutionary Actions

Three kinds of yardvolutionary actions help challenge the status quo in the yard Transformational Actions Transformational actions modify the appearance and functionality …

There is no [yardwork] guerrilla worthy of the name who ignores the revolutionary method of action and fails to practice it rigorously in the planning and execution of his activity. Carlos Marighella, re-interpreted

→ 03/01/2013

The Enemy in the Yard

The yardwork guerrilla distinguishes between Bad and Good Nature. Bad Nature, the G.Y.’s opponent, comprises everything she wants to eliminate, purge, greatly …