The Qualities of the Yardwork Guerrilla

“Guerrilla [yardwork] is a pledge the guerrilla makes to himself.” -Carlos Marighella, re-interpreted
“Guerrilla [yardwork] is a pledge the guerrilla makes to himself.” -Carlos Marighella, re-interpreted
The yardwork guerrilla must possess keen knowledge of herself. Hence she must continually assess her state of mind, physical shape, and identification with purpose.

To embark on the guerrilla yardwork path, the home and yard owner must possess a distinct consciousness of the necessity of change. Continuing and completing the yardvolution requires that revolutionary consciousness be cultivated.

The yardwork guerrilla must possess great powers of endurance, which runs on the fuel of self-discipline. Persistence to the point of stubbornness prevents flight and surrender. To persevere in a protracted conflict, the yardvolution insurgent must display physical and mental fortitude.

The guerrilla yardworker is a person of action, always on the offensive, retaining initiative and surprise. Such a pro-active outlook requires fearlessness as well as patience. The G.Y. prefers to make mistakes doing something rather doing nothing for fear of mistakes. She must be cunning and capable of swift comprehension and inventiveness in order to adapt to circumstances.

The guerrilla yardworker must also be a brave and positive individual. Her astuteness must compensate for her deficiencies in arms and equipment.

Qualities that complement the basic set of personal traits pertaining to inner strength include idealism, aesthetic sensibility, and love of Nature. Practical combat skills include spatial awareness, basic understanding of topography, as well as the ability to measure and calculate distances, determine routes, and draw maps, plans, and schedules.

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