Revolutionary Consciousness: A Necessary Condition

A home owner before acquiring yardvolutionary consciousness
A home owner before acquiring yardvolutionary consciousness.
Image credit: DaylandS
To embark on the guerrilla yardwork path, the home and yard owner must possess a distinct consciousness of the necessity of change—a necessary condition for any yardvolution. Before he transforms himself into the yardwork guerrilla, the first-time home and yard owner must gain awareness that the yard needs to be altered in some way, whether in appearance, functionality, or both. Without this awareness, status quo persists.

Revolutionary consciousness can develop in various ways and over different periods of time. Its foundation is laid when the first-time home and yard owner assesses the condition of the yard and identifies a difference between its current state and what he sees in his (or his spouse’s) mind’s eye. He can start transforming himself into the yardwork guerrilla the moment he sets down his beer, puts on a pair of work gloves, and grasps the handle of a shovel; the moment he gets off the couch during the half-time show and fires up the weed whacker; or the moment he realizes his midnight snack is missing a cherry tomato that could be ripening on the back-yard vine.

Revolutionary consciousness may also emerge from conducting yardwork in a regular fashion. Direct experience of the two methods allows for easy comparison of benefits. Alternatively, the first-time home and yard owner can first read and acquire revolutionary consciousness through advance study. Another path to revolutionary consciousness is peer influence.

Continuing and completing the yardvolution requires that revolutionary consciousness be cultivated.

* Excerpted from the book. Buy Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook now on Amazon or CreateSpace.