Three Kinds of Yardvolutionary Actions

Transformational actions modify the appearance and functionality of the yard.
Photo by danielfarrell

Three kinds of yardvolutionary actions help challenge the status quo in the yard

Transformational Actions

Transformational actions modify the appearance and functionality of the yard. Offensive in character, they are essential to realizing the yardvolutionary’s vision, and, therefore, take priority over all other actions. A ‘before’ and ‘after’ can be distinguished: transformational actions improve the state of the yard. Each completed project results from a series of transformational actions, which, in turn, lend themselves to organization into phases (see 4.2.4. Preserve Yourself). The brick patio construction exemplifies such a project. Following the completion of all preparation stages, the G.Y. first digs a flat-bottomed hole in the shape of the patio, accounting in depth for the thickness of all the layers and the altitude of the surrounding area. He spreads a layer of small rocks at the bottom, followed by a layer of coarse sand. After making measurements, the G.Y. then pounds the bricks into the sand using a rubber mallet, ensuring all the bricks are level. Finally, he uses a broom to spread sand into the gaps between the bricks. Each phase can be executed in sub-phases.

Maintenance Actions

Maintenance actions hold, preserve, and defend gains made through transformational actions. They tend to be easier than transformational actions and guarantee faster victory. Maintenance actions include mowing, watering, fertilizing, or weeding, as well as any seasonal actions such as trimming, seeding, or harvesting.

Emergency Actions

Emergency actions prevent damage to the dwelling, yard elements, or the yardwork guerrilla himself. Emergency actions include removing a dead tree limb or an entire tree; preventing, managing, fighting, or controlling an onslaught or invasion of detrimental insects, invasive plants, weeds, and other pests; and repairing the damage caused by various varmints, vandals, or vagrants.

* Excerpted from the book. Buy Guerrilla Yardwork: The First-Time Home Owner’s Handbook now on Amazon.